Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
    Galaxy S10E Impressions:วีดีโอ-iy1z3ZVASCg.html
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    1. Nathan Jolly

      Congrats on #1 Trending and 8M subscribers! Been a fan for a few years now and you definitely deserve it! I'll be sticking with my iPhone 6s until it breaks! It's been good to me, and frankly I can't afford an expensive phone! I like the XR, and so far I like what I'm seeing with the S10e. I don't really care about the edgy display, and it's got that 855. The compromises seem few and far between. Samsung has been killing it lately, and this'll probably make it into your full review, but according to Android Police, the S10 Bixby button can be remapped. Honestly it needs to be a Google Assistant button. Samsung should throw the AI battle for points in the smartphone battle. Nobody. Wants. Bixby. Honestly as a guy with an iPhone, Siri kinda sucks too. IMO it's Google > Alexa > Siri > Bixby. I use Google, even though it requires a few taps.

    2. GTD784

      My Samsung J3 Prime is feeling heavily insecure right now!

    3. me

      1 like= 1📱 📱

    4. Unicorn Ninetynine

      I just buy a S9 and S10 out now😭. Sad af

    5. GeeKs

      I'm swear In 2 years phones will be bigger that laptops but flat as a pancake

    6. gmcd2


    7. DPMO

      nobody mentions the price *yikes*

    8. Jared John Cena

      Over 10 minute video, no ads Legend

    9. Agnis Rozitis

      Can you place the "back" button to the left?

    10. Sebastian Dodds

      I've never been a huge fan of Samsung for the software but damn, this phone truly feels like a next gen phone, can't wait to see what everyone else comes out with now.

    11. Rose Phoenix

      It is so amazing that Samsung that got this to reach of technological of Technology

    12. Scornfulwolf13

      That camera dot on the screen would still annoy me to have...I hope that doesn't continue into the next generations, I will stick with my s8+ until they release a decent upgrade without the notch or cutout for the camera, I would rather a small bezel or no front camera than having a piece of the screen cut into via an ugly notch or hole blocking the screen in any spot....

    13. 김근원


    14. Daily Blank screen

      *apple has disconnected from the chat*

    15. Par Vee

      I will get this phone.

    16. SpikeTheBaby


    17. Keithlyn KC

      Ese teléfono debe costar un ojo de la cara 😅😅

    18. karma's icy

      I think TH-news is drunk

    19. Ioan Avram Moldovan

      I still can't find proper reason to change my S3:))

    20. Oreo-Wizard

      Recipe to #1 trending on youtube: Fortni- I mean Samsung and Marques Brownlee

    21. Sahil Kumar


    22. NanjiGaming

      Personally I'm not a fan of Bixby, I've removed/disabled it on any Samsung phone I've used. Can someone give me a better perspective on Bixby? What's good / useful about the physical button that launches Bixby? Thanks for replies, interested to get your opinions on this.

    23. clay carpenter

      I dont understand the money problems people complain about but oh I gotta have my over $1000 phone. Morons!!!

    24. Nicolas A

      Giving up my apple. Props to Samsung. I want that phone. Great technology OMG!

    25. Desmondos

      Probably my next phone. But will buy it when s11 comes lol

    26. DanielGotRabbleDazzeld

      M A R K A S S B R O W N I E

    27. MBK_FilmsTM -

      nah bro...its cool but the cut out is too annoying

    28. Maria Araujo

      o que está em alta e isto mas o Felipe Neto falando a verdade não né

    29. jesus gonzalez

      Apple is laughing at the $2000 phone

    30. Teknobroutos

      this is basically the new laptop scene of 2019

    31. Ian Murphy

      Always amazed by comments on these videos. Apple are a nevi and deteriorating company , selling trash phones to stupid non-tech capable gullible sheep whilst Samsung are an inspirational and altruistic company full of innovation who are adding to the greater good of mankind by charging their oh so- clever and quick witted evangelistic followers a thousand dollars plus for their revolutionary devices.

    32. Nelon

      I am a iPhone user. And this s10 is stunning. If Apple doesn’t fix the iPhone 11 guess where I’m going🙄🤩

    33. TimoDank Blade

      Sub to Pewdiepie

    34. Marshmello TV

      How does Marshmello eat his food?

    35. Jeremy Willis

      Thanks, MKBHD but... When can you get your hands on that foldable, insanely-expensive beast? Looking forward to it...

    36. • dxed h0pe •

      It’s basically copying Apple 🙄

    37. Nana Antwi

      4.6M views. Impressive. Meanwhile, unbox therapy views for same topic ; 756k views.

      1. • dxed h0pe •

        Nana Antwi you’re wrong dude. That one has 3.8M views.

    38. Raghvendra Gupta

      Pixel 3 XL or S10+?

    39. Matt Packer

      I have Xs max What is difference is size of the Samsung plus and my iPhone ?

    40. picpakpac

      And I just bought a note 9

    41. sobhanakallahom

      Notch or hole = same thing

    42. Trung Nguyen

      Samsung video yet everyone talks about Apple in the comments.

    43. Lemmý4Ķ

      Samsung: we got a new model and a headphone jack so good luck beating us Apple: Hold my beer *Copies entire model* Samsung: no wonder you're still in business

    44. oH YeAh YeaH yEah YaeH

      I wouldask for fortnite and ....

    45. Terryn Mahon

      What do you do with the stuff you review when you’re done ??

    46. Kuruzu Ishikawa

      "Samsung has had one of the best cameras for a while now" So if iphone only has its rep for its camera and nothing else. What does iphone have over android now?

    47. Antonio Iniguez

      why does he say Samsung has the best display when literally all displays for the past 6 years look exactly the same?

    48. VAYPR 1

      Mark-ass brownley!

    49. WalkWitMeGaming 4lyfe

      Should i wait for the note 10 or get the s10+

    50. Arthur Morgan

      Real men use toddler tablets

    51. My power level isn't even at 5%

      Markass brownlee

    52. Sakeena Wade Ali Khan

      I love my S9+ best phone I've ever had

    53. mr handsome M.O

      End of the earth😁😁😁

    54. Daisy Hernandez

      Oh wow I got an iphone ad before this

    55. endman 335

      Best phone ever

      1. endman 335

        +• dxed h0pe • ya it is

      2. • dxed h0pe •

        endman 335 *_L I E S_*

    56. The Cool Glitch Dude

      Congrats! #1 on trending

    57. Diet Clorox Bleach

      Lmao only broke people have Samsungs

    58. Pizza Man

      Apple: where going to make the best future phone Samsung: uhh too late 😂 huawei: you two better watch out cause I’m coming

    59. Demir Oz

      Siktir lan

    60. TheThirdSide

      My man mark ass brownlee I’m sorry I just can’t get past how fucking stupid that line was.

    61. P H Λ R E Z M O N T Λ N Λ

      can i use it under water while swimmig//

    62. Nick Stavric

      Oh oh.. What BLOAT ware is on it... as is it lots?

    63. mikeverything

      We still doin the markass brownie

    64. AnonymousKev

      Change my mind? More like change my wallet

    65. Furqan

      Marqaez's video trending in 33 countries 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    66. nick00less

      It’s 2019..does anyone really care which is ‘better’ anymore? Samsung/Apple both do the same thing and cost the same amount of money 🤷🏻‍♂️

    67. p3pp3rm4n92

      My one impression from the Samsung phones that have curved screens is that they will not fix them if they crack.

    68. Høgrïdèr

      Me: looks at s10+ Me: omg yasss, looks at price Price: $1700 Me:😵

    69. Igor Lima

      Number 1 on trending 😮

    70. Laborer in the field

      Jesus is coming back soon my precious friends!

    71. Luke Butler

      Samsung for life

    72. David Eastham

      Do they have Premier Pro Mobile to use with that 12 gigs of ram?

    73. Nick Stavric

      Also my new thing is new phone every 5 years... the phone I use now is s7... so next is s10...then... I'll wait till s15... by then phone will be integrated to your brain .

    74. ghaz q

      Screen cut-out seem ugly to any1 else too?

    75. P H Λ R E Z M O N T Λ N Λ

      the next generation . . $2000.00 phone kikikik

    76. Oh Yeah Yeah

      mark ass brown

    77. MaTi HuMb

      Fortnite and thus guy said the will smith :v

    78. Waddling Cucumber

      #1 on trending

    79. Nusi Limbu

      I am still using Galaxy S5.

    80. erickmojojojo

      so. i can have 2TB on your phone and my laptop (which is Surface Pro 4) is 256 GB....... man.

    81. Alex Mcclure


    82. Nick Stavric

      Seeing all your fingerprints during the camera talk.. Not a good look

    83. Naeche Anamege

      Does anyone still call him what pewdiepie called during rewind last year

    84. Xenerous

      My god this guy is a pretentious dick

    85. HessyHere

      Where my brothas at O yeah yeah yeah Thats rite we are back

    86. Lil_LambSauce

      can i still search for mia khalifa videos?

    87. Br1aNn88 YT

      Gimme dat fortnite skin please my dude MaRqUES!

    88. SosaBoyTellem

      I just had to get a new phone, so being Apple I grabbed the XR because I was waiting for these phones. The more I use my XR, the more I see myself putting my thumb on my screen trying to unlock my phone. The S10 will probably be the phone that has me switch to Android after 10+ years with Apple.

    89. trash

      iPhone users scared asf lmaooo

    90. TheDynamiteDmoney

      Eat your heart out apple 🍎 my 8 plus feels so old and clunky now UGH!

    91. Asphaze

      mark ass brownie

    92. Rainia Wright

      It’s so much phone

    93. Shafi Pk


    94. Lil Uminati

      Oh yeah yeah

    95. Charles McCormack

      Looks better then the "Notch" phones, Thank goodness!! And thank you Samsung for the head phone jack!!! But can tell from the start of your video that you are very careful how much you praise this phone from in fact..start the video again and listen to how you talk about the phone..I was already think hearing you talk.." Be is listening to what you say And yes no iOS talk about specks because it's not what mr jobs didn't want to do..but..iOS is already doing it..thank you for your video. 😊

    96. Flamur Syla

      Disliked only for being just over 10min for max revenue.

    97. John Hufnagel

      Impressive devices. We especially like the ultrasonic fingerprint reader. BUT... Not enough here to give up our Pixels.

    98. TheBluePanda

      Fuck off Samsung, buying the top 2 spots on trending.

    99. Awesome Gambler

      I dislike what they are doing to the phones. Making the whole phone a screen? With annoying little things in the way? Just stick to basics.... I find it ugly.

    100. Ryan Edgmon

      Idk, thats a big jump from the $619 i paid for my s9